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This is to Purchase Twix. She is a beautiful female black golden shaded Scottish Straight Longhair kitten born Wednesday February 7, 2024. The total Price for Twix is $2500.00 plus sales tax.  Twix is ready to leave and travel to her new furever home immediaely. She was born to Queen Fiona and Sire Norton in a litter of 4 healthy kittens. Twix is a show grade kitten and is TICA registered and pedigreed with champions in her background. Twix is microchipped, spayed, dewormed, and has age appropriate vaccinations. Tiwx is also litter boxtrained and well socialized. When you pick up twix or have her delivered whe will come wih  a carrier and a sample of food, and a record of her vet visits. Delivery costs are usually between $300 and $600 for a flight to your local airport or to hand deliver by pet courier. If you have any questions or want more pictures, videos or more information or would like to shcedule an in person visit or to see her via facetime or google meet please contact us by phone call, text or email. Don’t miss out on Twix!


2 500,00$Prix
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